What is Jumpstart?

"jumpstart" - receiving assistance to obtain an advantage to achieve a goal.

I'm Dominique Henderson, CFP® (founder of the Jumpstart Community) and I'm here to give you a "jumpstart" in your journey to be a financial professional.

The Jumpstart Community of Financial Professionals was created to offer coaching, mentoring and  professional development to career changers and other individuals that want to become financial professionals.

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Why should you join?

If you've been looking for expert guidance to help you transition into a career in financial services or you are currently a financial professional and need help growing.

What are Jumpstart Community members saying?

The content and perspective you have been offering in your FB group and on your YouTube channel have been amazing! Due to implementing your resume strategies I had the opportunity to go through the interview process with a couple of firms.

And I am now in a position to accept an offer with an advisor support firm.

Again thank you for doing what you do! I don't know if I would be in this position if not for your advice so I can't thank you enough. If you ever need a testimonial or a shout out don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you so much!
Austin W.
So what I appreciate about Jumpstart is that it truly is a community; a collective of learning opportunities and collaboration. Dominique has provided insight, advice, structure, perspective, and access to financial professionals, that I would not have gotten on my own.  It would have taken double, if not triple the time, to get clear on my objectives and how to promote myself as a subject matter expert in my niche.
Demelza C.
I just wanted to tell y’all a little bit about the impact this group has made on me and my career. I found Dominique's YouTube channel when I was in the middle of my job search. I was trying to make myself as marketable as possible and through his videos, I learned so much about becoming a successful Financial Professional! With his help and advice, I was able to land my dream job and I owe him such a big thank you! For anyone still in the job search or those in any other stage of the journey, I highly encourage you to watch the YouTube videos and reach out to Dominique himself if you’re in need of advice. Thank you again to all those in the community for their support, and an even bigger thank you to the man himself, Dominique!
Sydney R.


How much does it cost to join the community?

Access to the Facebook Community is FREE.  All you need is a Facebook account.  If you want to be added to our email list, you'll need to give us your email address. Click here to get started.

As a career changer, how will I benefit from the community?

As as career changer, you are presented with so many options on how to enter this industry as a coach or as an advisor.  Jumpstart will provide you with the guidance and resources you need in order to help you make the best decision for YOU.  If you are ready to "make the leap", learn more about our professional development program.

As an existing financial professional, how will I benefit from the community?

Jumpstart has plenty financial advisors and coaches that have spent years in the industry helping clients and building successful businesses.  At a minimum you will be able to network with these individuals so you can take your career to the next level.  There are various solutions depending on if you're trying to grow your financial practice or form your own practice.

Can I work with you 1-on-1?

Yes.  You can start by scheduling a career consultation.

What is group coaching?

The "ask me anything" format of our group coaching calls allows you to ask specific questions that pertain to your journey.  Click here for a sample call!

 With group coaching, you will receive:
- access to the group discussion board 
- two video group coaching calls per month
- access to the group coaching call vault
- access to the brainfood video vault

Who is Dominique?

Advisor.  Coach.  Educator.

I am a financial services industry advocate.  

I'm on a mission to make sure that everyone has access to REAL financial advice by coaching and mentoring the next generation of financial professionals!