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Dominique Henderson, CFP®
20 year veteran of the financial services industry
Dominique Henderson, CFP®
20 year veteran of the financial services industry

ATTN: Financial Advisors...

"Finally...How To Grow Your Business!

(So you DON'T have to spend a lot of money on marketing gimmicks or 
pay for a list of *cold* leads to grow your business!)

Let me show you how to...

  • Find ideal clients for your practice  
  • ​Find clients that can afford to pay you what you're worth, and 
  • ​Have the freedom to serve clients the way YOU want and that aligns with YOUR beliefs
Are you looking for a few...
From: Dominique Henderson, CFP®
RE: Growing my business

Dear Financial Advisor,

If you want to build a successful financial services practice, differentiate yourself from other advisors, or even if you just want to spend time doing the things you love WHILE still serving your clients (profitably), then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because as a financial advisor, I understand that you fight an uphill battle to build credibility in this highly competitive industry and without a growth strategy you will be out of business before you even START!!

But I'm here to tell you....

Building a personal brand that attracts YOUR ideal client isn't as easy as you think!

"Dom’s approach was tailored and completely custom; not having any preconceived notions about me or my business. Before providing any advice, he took an active interest in where I was trying to go and identifying what issues I was experiencing. Dom’s passion for coaching is apparent and he’s always pushing you to be better. Oh, and he’s just a good guy too."  
-Matt Fatz

I know because I've built my own personal brand from ZERO...

And that's why I'm qualified to help you build one too!

My name is Dominique Henderson, CFP® and I've spent the past 20 years in financial services .

I've coached and consulted with financial advisors big and small while running my own wealth management firm so I know what it takes to be successful.

I know the simple formula of what it takes...TO MAKE IT!

I can show you how to have a steady flow of interested prospects that you can eventually turn into paying clients.

Listen to Mark that was starting over as a seasoned financial professional trying to rebuild his brand...

Mark B. Candler, MBA, CLTC
Maia Wealth

As advisors, we all know that although the US stock market has averaged about a 10% annual return since 1926, investors consistently earn much less (sometimes as much as 50% less) due to poor decisions....or more simply--the LACK OF A PLAN.

In 20 years, I've seen most clients make at least 1 six-figure financial mistake in their lifetime.

As an advisor, you're always telling your clients that they need a plan, BUT SO DO YOU! 

Just like Mark, we'll construct a plan for you to grow your practice no matter who your ideal client is.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll discover exactly how to close more business without feeling "salesy" when I breakdown the prospect's journey to you to show you what makes prospects become paying clients 
  • ​You'll learn exactly how to build a personal brand without spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on generic or gimmicky marketing schemes 
  • ​You'll skip past all the mistakes other advisors make because your ideal prospect will FIND YOU instead of you LOOKING for THEM. 
  • ​You'll have the building blocks of creating a reliable system for generating constant and interested prospects in your pipeline. 
  • ​You'll be the “advisor of choice” because you will become an expert at identifying the one thing your prospect wants

Jason is co-founder of a $450MM RIA...

"After 23 years as a financial planner and 10 years in a bull market, I had a tough time finding the passion to proactively search for new prospects with our newest advisor.   I knew video engagement had a place but I didn’t realize how important it can be in connecting with clients and prospects. By the time the COVID lockdown hit in March, we were technically well versed & prepared for effective modern communication with clients. Our prep work with Dom ended up serving a completely different, but even more valuable purpose. "  
-Jason Cooke

Don't be like most advisors that are horrible at explaining what they do and hide behind financial jargon that just confuses prospective clients.

  • I'll help you create a UVP "unique value proposition" so that your message is clear and understood compelling your target prospect to want to work with you 
  • ​You'll no longer have to sell a product or service you don't believe in--you'll be able to do it...YOUR WAY, giving REAL financial advice 
  • ​Just imagine serving your ideal clients inside of a finely-tuned financial services practices that you have built yourself
So Here's What You Get In 
The Masterclass Coaching Lab
  • We’ll collaborate together to jumpstart your success with a 12-month Action plan which will provide you the strategy to set you up for success.
  • ​We'll have coaching calls to give you fresh ideas and perspective of what's working in my practice.
  • ​You’ll get access to some of my best brain food to help you maintain a high-performance mindset no matter the situation.
  • ​You’ll get access to my content vault of case studies, sales letters, networking and prospecting scripts to implement in your business with trainings on how to use all of them.
  • ​You’ll get training on all of my productivity hacks allowing you to do more in less time without hiring unnecessary staff .
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses...

Bonus #1: 5 Hours of Copywriting

I'm going to throw in 5 hours of copywriting with my team to help you crank out HIGH-CONVERTING copy that you can send to prospects or clients as emails, case studies or follow up sequences to motivate them to do business with YOU.

If you've ever struggled on what to say to MOTIVATE others to buy from you we'll produce copy in YOUR VOICE and YOUR BRAND!

Bonus#2: Access to my Premium Coaching Vault

I'm going to provide you access to my video vault full of high-performance mindset trainings--that I'm constantly refreshing and adding to.
Consider this your ADVANCED DEGREE in finance because I'm taking you down the "rabbit hole" and allowing you to benefit from my 20 years in financial services with what I use for my TOP 1% of clients.

Bonus#3: Help You Launch

Have you considered going on your own so you can earn more of each dollar of client revenue you generate?

Of course you have!

Well I'm going to help you launch your own firm.  You'll get "ready-to-file" registration documents so you can start YOUR OWN BRAND!

As you can see, I want to help you with EVERYTHING
you need to help you grow your business!
Here's What To Do Now...

Step 1: Complete the Application

No sweat here.  Just click the button below to get started.

STEP 2: Get Qualified

We don't work with EVERY advisor!  Only the ones that are committed to providing REAL financial advice. If you are qualified, you will be invited to schedule a phone interview.

STEP 3: Set phone interview

After successfully completing the application, qualified advisors will schedule a pre-screening appointment to discuss the program.

So go ahead and click the link below to complete an application to the Masterclass Coaching Lab today!

To your success!
Dominique Henderson, CFP® 

P.S. - As a financial advisor, I understand that you fight an uphill battle to build credibility in this highly competitive industry and without a growth strategy, you will be out of business before you even START!

Apply now before spaces fill up!

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