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The 1st online community built to help career changers become “nex-gen” financial professionals.

About The Community

Why You Should Join

The Jumpstart Community of Financial Professionals was created to offer coaching, mentoring and professional development to career changers and other individuals that want to become financial professionals.

Who is this community for?

You want to be in financial services...  

You may be a career changer or just a recent college graduate.  You’re a life-long learner that is determined, motivated, and coachable.  You’ve tried other things before happening upon my YouTube channel or podcast, but now you're looking to shorten your learning curve.

Why are people joining this community?

To get access to unbiased, unvarnished advice on how to become a financial professional and learn what a day in a life a financial planner looks like.

What is the value I’ll get by joining?

You’ll get access to a network of like-minded individuals in the financial services industry that I’ve compiled over the last 20+ years, along with a generous sharing of wisdom, expertise, and knowledge about what you need to know in order to become a financial services professional.

This community is right for you if you’ve typed any variation of the following questions into Google: 

  • How do I become a financial advisor?
  • What is the life of a financial advisor like?
  • What exams, licenses, or education is required to become a financial advisor?
  • How do I gain experience as a financial advisor?

Any of the following questions kept you awake at night?

  • Can I take the lifestyle change and paycut?
  • Can I make this transition sooner rather than later?
  • Do I know enough to actually help people?
  • Do I have to be good at sales?
  • Will I have to pass a lot of hard exams?
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