Financial Services - A Look at Past, Present and Future ft. Gary Clement
February 12, 2021

Show Notes:
A more appropriate title for our conversation may have been "the skinny on the financial services industry" because Gary Clement and I covered nearly everything.

I really enjoyed our talk and Gary's perspective because of his pulse being on both the view as a practitioner as well as an educator to the future generation of financial professionals.


We covered a lot of ground such as:
  • some of the most shocking phenomena he's witnessed over his career,
  • 2 things that aspiring financial professionals should realize about this business and the real job of financial advisors,
  • the question Gary gets from his students all the time,
  • the different routes into the industry, especially as it pertains to career-changers and the CFP designation,
  • what the industry is "getting right" and what he believes is the future of financial advice

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