Successful Financial Advisor Stories - The "HOW" of What It Really Takes ft. David DeCelle
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:
If your goal is to become a successful financial advisor, then this is a power-packed interview for YOU!

I so enjoyed this time with my friend and colleague David DeCelle unpacking some of the "elements to success" for financial professionals.

We explored a ton of topics...

✅ Dave's own money story...

✅ What it is was like in the Northwestern Mutual culture...

✅ The importance of personal development in finding your advisor personality type.

✅ What you can do to give yourself an unlimited upside in this business and become a successful financial advisor..

✅ What are some "misplaced" expectations of aspiring financial advisors?

✅ Delivering a client experience vs. providing customer service...

✅ The #1 issue of advisors in the first 5 years...

✅ 3 tips for any career changer that wants to enter the industry...

✅ Your "real" role as a new financial professional in this business...

✅ Where does EQ rank in this career compared to IQ?

✅ Lightning Round: (1) The best financial advisor development program...(2) The #1 skill to develop throughout your career... (3) What are you listening to and/or reading right now?


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