Financial Advisor Development Program - An Inside Perspective About Finding Your Place ft. Daniel Tesfaye
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:

Many of you will come across a financial advisor development program (or two) as you are navigating this journey to becoming a financial professional.

In this video, I look at the perspective of Daniel Tesfaye and a young advisor that works in the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management channel.

We cover a variety of topics that will intrigue the aspiring financial professional when it comes to entering this industry.

Daniel and I covered a lot, including:
  • Daniel's own money story
  • What prompted the move from insurance advisor to financial advisor?
  • Do feel that "culture" has a huge impact on your success as a financial professional?
  • What does a financial advisor development program look like on the inside?
  • Are you compensated during the program?
  • What do most days look like for you now?
  • What other professional aspirations do you have?
  • What are your thoughts on spending the 1st 5 years learning the business vs. starting your own?


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