How To Attract Your Ideal Client - 3 Things ALL Humans Want and Desire
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:
As a financial professional you're going to need to know how to attract your ideal client. There are 8 biologically programmed needs that every human wants or desires that revolve around 3 basic life themes...let's see how those fit into developing your marketing plan.

So in a previous video, I talked about the importance of finding a niche market and the 5 elements of how you would create content to market your services to them. And no matter if you feel you are good or bad at selling or marketing your services it will be helpful to understand that there are some common themes to use when doing so.
Do people want to be in relationships? Feel safe? Feel significant?

The answer is YES...but how do you package that in a way that feels natural and genuine.
  1. Life Theme #1 - Relationship - Everyone wants community. We've been wired to care about what others think in a way that will promote our survival. We care about the protection of our loved ones and we desire a level of companionship.
  2. Life Theme #2 - Safety- Going all the way back to Maslow's hierarchy of needs we have to feel safe. This means that the basics of food, clothing, and shelter have to be provided before other things gain importance.
  3. Life Theme #3 - Significance- Despite how hard we try we all want to gain the approval of something or someone. Being accepted for who we are and what we do is a big thing in modern society. This need for significance is evident in many different areas of life which is probably where the notion of "keeping up with the Joneses" came from. Regardless there are many different ways to use this as a positive in your marketing strategy...


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