Finding the Right Financial Designation For You
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:
Finding success in your personal financial planning career consists of a lot of things.

For one, which designation, certification or degree program should you use?

There are so many!!!

How do you know which to go after? Which is right for you?

Today, I want to share with you some key considerations for picking the right designation and my top 3 financial designation recommendations.
  1.  Accreditation. This is one of the biggest factors in my opinion. Just like you want to attend an accredited college you want a designation that also has accreditation. You can use this site to research designations: Be careful of designations/certifications that are relatively new, have a low amount of members and have a fairly low barrier to entry. It leads to my next point about...
  2. Public Perception/Reputation. One of the main reasons for the time, effort and money that goes into a designation or certification is the reputation it should bring. You want a designation that is reputable not only among your industry peers, but also the public. Public perception can go along way for helping you as you establish yourself. It is not the "end all be all" but having the right designation combined with the correct marketing strategy is powerful (check out this video on the importance of picking the right niche)
  3. Comprehensiveness.  Don't forget that the whole point of the designation or certification is also to LEARN something! You want to become more proficient at whatever it is that you are getting the specialized training for. In order to do this, you may want to have courses that are taken (that can be self-study or not) along with an exam requirement.


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