How to Become A Financial Planner - 3 Distinct Paths to Follow with Preston D. Cherry
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:

I recently brought on my friend and colleague Preston D. Cherry to discuss "how to become a financial planner?"

After receiving many similar questions, I felt it was time to offer 3 distinct paths you can follow to enter the industry.

I thought Preston best to speak on this as his resume speaks for itself...

-instructor at the nation's flagship financial planning program (Texas Tech),
-instructor for Dalton Education's CFP program,
-CFP certificant,
-Master's in Financial Planning, and
-Ph.D candidate.

I could think of no one better!

We are able to cover the following during our conversation:
  • What's better the CFP or Masters in Financial Planning?
  • Why the Master's degree is a base or signal to the public...
  • What is the time/energy/money being invested?
  • What are the 3 distinct paths?


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