How Financial Professionals Can Reach Gen Y and Z with Steven M. Hughes
March 04, 2021

Show Notes:

​​I found out about the great things Steven M. Hughes was doing with financial literacy through Instagram from his Know Money Inc. brand.

I saw he'd just finished a BankRoll Summit at college and loved his focus on financial literacy.

Today, I invited him on to talk about his efforts reaching Gen Y and Z and specifically how the financial services industry can do a better job addressing their financial needs.

We are able to dive into...
  • Steven's money story
  • What types of conversations about money are resonating with today's college students?
  • How can the financial services industry heal the broken trust with Gen Y and Z?
  • How interested is Gen Y & Z in the concept of financial coaching?
  • How are you incorporating the findings from your summits into those coaching/trainings?
  • Has the student loan crisis caused a shift in the mindset of the next generation and how they view borrowing?
  • A real-life example of how a current college student should be thinking about their future with money


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